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Testosterone Acetate 125mg - Testalin | Innovagen

Brand: Innovagen

Trade Name: TestoAcetate

Packing: 125mg/ml, 5ml

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Testalin - Testosterone Acetate 125mg/ml, 5ml


Innovagen Testalin (testosterone acetate). If any athlete notices the decrease of testosterone level in his body, of course he is concerned about it. Testosterone is the main male and most important hormone for bodybuilders and athletes. Its main functions in the body are muscle growth, promotion of fat loss and recovery. Effects which are caused by low testosterone level such as decrease of energy, bad mood, loss of sexual drive and failure to gain muscle mass are really unbearable for athletes and powerlifters.

Why Should You Use Innovagen Testalin?

While searching some medications for hormone replacement therapy you may face some difficulties. There is a great number of products offered all over the world but Innovagen Testalin is one that is really effective.

It is a famous drug that may help to raise the male hormone level. In comparison with other products, Innovagen Testalin injection is the fastest and the most effective drug to raise the testosterone in the user’s system.

Increase of Muscle Growth in Balanced Manner

Innovagen Testalin has in its structure the hormone testosterone acetate. The drug with quick action (parenteral/ injectable preparation) comes with 125mg/ml in a 5ml vial.

The increase of libido is not the only function of testosterone acetate. It also promotes development and maintaining of lean muscle mass, decrease of excessive fat, improvement of immunity system. What is more, it prevents osteoporosis and defends the heart from a coronary disease. Despite the fact that testosterone is frequently used by males, it is also used by women in order to treat illnesses such as breast and ovarian cancer and also uterine fibroids.

Testalin increases muscle mass and what is more muscles produced by this drug are hard and with good relief. Furthermore, it has the ability to improve protein synthesis and digestion, that results in the conversion of nutrition rich on protein into rock-hard muscles.

Effects of Innovagen Testalin 

The feature that differs testosterone acetate from other steroids as enanthate and cypionate is its fast action. If you want to normalize the blood level, you should definitely use Innovagen Testalin and take it every day or every other day. As a result, you will get increased lean muscle mass and strength that is so needed during intense trainings as well as short recovery period. Moreover, this steroid quickly leaves the body that make it the favorite drug of athletes.

However, while using Innovagen Testalin you should know that it slows down the natural testosterone production. If you decide to stop the usage of Innovagen Testalin, it will be better for you to plan a correct post course therapy (PCT). it will help your body to restore its natural production of hormone and maintain muscle gain. In order to avoid undesirable side effects it is recommended to use an oral anti-estrogen for 2-3 weeks since Innovagen Testalin has an aromatizing nature.


The recommended dosage of Innovagen Testalin for men is 250 - 1000 mg per week. Testosterone Acetate is not recommended for women use. The cycle can last from 8-12 weeks. These doses are sufficient to achieve high results, both the strength and mass increase. Innovagen Testalin provides an excellent effect in various combinations (Example: Boldenone, Nandrolone). It is not recommended to take Innovagen Testalin in large doses due to the fact that it will not give you desirable results.

Contraindications to Innovagen Testalin Use

Diagnosed or suspected prostate cancer or breast cancer, hypersensitivity to any component of the drug, children up to 3 years (in connection with the contents in the preparation of benzyl alcohol), the boys in the prepubertal period in order to avoid premature closure of the epiphysis and premature puberty; chronic heart failure, kidney and or liver failure in order to prevent the development of edema; diabetes; prostatic hypertrophy with symptoms of urinary retention; sleep apnea, as well as risk factors such as obesity and chronic lung disease; childhood.


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