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Trenbolone Acetate 100mg - Myogen | Innovagen

Brand: Innovagen

Trade Name: Acetren

Packing: 100mg/ml - 5ml


Quick Overview

Manufacturer: Innovagen

Substance: Trenbolone Acetate

Pack: 100mg/ml - 5ml


Innovagen Myogen (Trenbolone Aceteate)

1. Activity of substance: 1-3 days

2. Classification: The steroid of anabolic / androgenic origin

3. Administration: injection form

4. Dosage: for males at 50 to 100 mg in a day (every third day) /

5. It is not recommended for females

6. Acne: Yes

7. Water Retention: No

8. High Blood Pressure: Yes

9. Hepatotoxicity: no

10. Aromatase: No

11. Progestogenic activity: yes

12. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) conversion: no

13. Decrease of HPTA function (testosterone production): Yes

14. Anabolic activity (400%) \ androgenic activity (200%)

15. Detection time - 6-7 weeks (approximately, due to the fact that the DC is making progress in the search for methods of detecting banned substances. Also it depends on the athlete, whether he is taking phenobarbital and furosemide for rapid withdrawal of the drug)

Trenbolone use effects

• Affects the growth of muscle mass (up to 20 pounds after the 8-week course of)

• Increases strength

• It increases the level of insulin-like growth factor (somatomedin) at 200%

• Trenbolone promotes fat burning (independently and by stimulating the secretion of IGF)

• Improves the libido during the course and significantly reduces it after the course ( in case if not gonadotropin and Nolvadex were not taken, PCT (post-cycle therapy with tamoxifen (or its analogs, for example, or clomiphene citrate toremifene) and gonadotropin after the course of trenbolone is necessary)

• Reduces cortisol levels

It was the cattle business that became the cause for trenbolone acetate appearance on the market. The drug was known as Finajet, and gave cattle a stronger appearance just before being sent to the market. This steroid was well-known at the beginning of the 1980s and it was a fast acting and short used drug.

Innovagen Myogen is a very effective drug that is a part of the 19-nor family. It became used by athletes who wanted to increase muscle mass. It is frequently confused with Nandrolone, but it differs greatly as it was proven.

To put it more scientifically, the most important in any steroid is its anabolic versus androgenic ratio. While Testosterone measures at 100/100, Trenbolone has a ratio of 500/500. It means that this drug is 5 times stronger in its anabolic and androgenic effect than Testosterone.

Moreover, muscle increase, nitrogen retention, cell recovery and protein synthesis, are 5 times better than of Testosterone. The rate at which the androgen property levels raise, becomes the most important difference.

There is an aromatase enzyme in the drug that acts in the chemical structure of Innovagen Myogen and does not let it to turn into female hormones (as we know other drugs may turn). There is also no such side effect as fluid retention and besides, this drug does not aromatize. After the course muscles become strong and cut.

It is a common thing when athletes combine this drug with testosterone propionate during cutting courses, Trenbolone is frequently administrated every other day in bodybuilding in 50 to 100 mg doses. You can find the information below concerning some advantages and disadvantages of the use of the drug.

Side effects are as follows:

  • shortness of breath after administration
  • alopecia
  • loss of cardio endurance
  • impotence

Some bad physical problems include:

  • Gynecomastia
  • liver and kidney damage

However, the problem of gynecomastia can be solved with the intake of Dostinex or Pramipexole. Moreover, regular blood tests for liver and kidney damage are also recommended during the drug course.

It is not recommended to take Trenbolone by women for sport purposes.


substance Trenbolone Acetate


Customer Reviews

Again an excellent product Review by Daniel
Seems to be dosed correctly and no pip. Standard sides, a little insomnia, night sweats and reduced aerobic capacity. After just a couple of pins I can feel the difference. (Posted on 12/22/2019)
was good. Review by Tommy
Highly recommended, Everything has been great! (Posted on 12/22/2019)
good Review by Tom
Worth the money for sure. (Posted on 12/22/2019)
Good Product Review by Jacob
Dose is good. I felt the difference after my first pin. Sweats are real and some coughing while pinning but that is hit or miss no matter the product. Good enough for me to buy again. (Posted on 12/22/2019)

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